Changes to Sanford Travel Mobile App

Sanford Travel is currently changing reservations systems. From Tuesday 18th of December, if you have the TripCase app on your smartphone, you will need to delete and download the Amadeus Checkmytrip app.

Please ensure to use your email address registered with Sanford when you create your account in Checkmytrip.

Amadeus Checkmytrip is a universal itinerary management app that allows you to easily access all of your essential trip details booked through Sanford in one place.

This mobile travel companion, Checkmytrip gives real-time access to details to reservation details as well as contextual destination information such as weather, dialling codes, event guides and currency exchange rates.  It also provides access to online check and updates such as flight delays and gate changes. 

The Checkmytrip app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can also access a desktop and mobile web version at

•    Keeps travellers happy by giving access to their complete travel itinerary through a single app.
•    Travellers are kept informed of any changes to flight information.
•    Provides useful destination information, such as maps, weather and guides to activities and events.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Travel Consultant at Sanford Travel on 02 8268 2777 or email

Annalizza Cruz