Traveller Safety – Is your company liable?

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In the current world climate of political unrest, the threat of terrorism and natural disasters means travelling involves more risk than ever before. All travel including both domestic and international to what you may deem as a familiar destination for meetings and conferences involves risk to your employees. The Global Business Travel Association recently reported that only 37% of all Australasian companies assess risk prior to their employees travelling internationally and only 15% use a risk assessment tool to monitor this.

The importance of booking all elements of a business trip with Sanford Travel is more imperative than before. If a tragic incident occurs your business has a legal obligation to know exactly where your employees are at all times. Do you always know:

·         Which hotel is my traveller staying at?

·         How are they getting from the airport to their final destination?

·         Do my employees have the necessary travel insurance cover?

·         How does my business and my TMC respond to such incidents?


  • Always book ground arrangements including accommodation and transfers with Sanford Travel – we can track your employees should anything happen!

  • Ensure that your travel is always centrally booked through Sanford so you are always aware of who is travelling. This should be included in your travel policy.

  • Implement a travel approval process if not already in place

  • Sign your business up for our duty of care tool “Amadeus Oneclick”

  • Check your company travel insurance is still valid – Sanford Travel can also arrange your company annual policy


Please contact Kevin Headings (General Manager) or Kerby Hasler (Client Relationship Manager) for more information at

Louise Brettell