January Hotel Feature: Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach, Northern NSW


This 5 star Hotel situated in the Tweed Coast Area has a real Amalfi Coast vibe to it. Each room, designed by interior designer Anna Spiro, echoes her signature eclectic style. The Mediterranean inspired luxury hotel was once a 60’s Motel hangout for the wandering surfer.

Sisters Siobhan and Elisha Bickle purchased the motel in 2011 with the intention of creating a family holiday house however, soon after the duo allowed others to relish in their beachside gem.


What does this hotel have to offer?

Halcyon House has 19 rooms on offer along with 2 luxury double bedroom suites and a beachfront pool that has all the Amalfi vibes you could want without leaving Australia.

The hotel is home to Paper Daisy which is a truly divine restaurant. It is no wonder this award winning restaurant has become a must for so many visiting the Northern NSW Coast. The hatted restaurant is headed by “one of Australia’s most promising chefs, Ben Devil”.  We recommend trying the Paperbark roasted fish with squash, fennel and sorrel.

Louise Brettell