Sanford Travel Ssshhhecrets!



If you don’t have airline lounge access and have a long wait I recommend purchasing an airport lounge pass so that you can take a shower, freshen up and enjoy refreshments and lounge benefits before arriving at your final destination.



When travelling to several countries with different currencies, always print a list of conversion rates prior to travel!


Pack extra underwear – no one likes wet pants and socks!  Also, stay hydrated when flying, it helps with jet lag.


Ensure that you have a print out of all of your required travel documentation before you leave - it saves running around in airports!


If you’re hiking on your trip pack your hiking boots in your hand luggage . You can replace clothes but you can’t wear in a new pair of hiking boots.


Carry a photocopy of your passport in case it is lost or stolen.



Learn how to take a decent photo. Don’t come home with a bunch of Instagram selfies. Memories fade and you'll want something to remember the scenery by.


Don’t use your normal Australian Sim Card for making calls/texts/Internet due to the astronomical charges – either buy one locally on arrival or better yet pre-purchase before you depart Australia, or check with your mobile phone provider as they may have deals


I like to bring Kiehl's hydrating mist, hydrating and nice to have a spritz of freshness up in the air!


If unfamiliar with the destination make sure that you research the local customs and traditions to ensure that you do not offend any locals. Learning how to say 'no thank you' could save you hours!

Jenna Setford