The Beauty of Maria Island

Our accountant’s assistant Joanne loves to experience Australia’s natural diversity through hiking, and walking in incredible destinations. Jo loves to visit Tasmania and completed the Maria Island walk from Hobart which she highly recommends.

Jo loved discovering the pristine, untouched white beaches of Maria Island and had the opportunity to get up close with plenty of adorable wombats and other local wildlife. She recommends this guided walk for those who are interested in learning about indigenous and convict history.

The most impressive part of the tour, were the comfortable camps and the three course meals prepared by the passionate guides using Tasmanian produce and local wine. Overall Jo loved all elements of the Maria island experience and has been back to Tasmania since!

The Maria Island walk is now on sale with the winter rate at $1390pp with limited departure dates: 2nd June, 14th July, and 18th August 2017.

If the Maria island walk sounds like something that you would enjoy then contact Sanford Travel now at or 02 8268 2777.