Rollout of enhanced Serko product - Zeno

Serko Zeno look.png

Sanford Travel are currently in the process of rolling out an enhanced version of Serko, Serko Zeno to all of our corporate travel accounts and plan to have this completed by the end of 2019. We will be in touch with you soon if we have not been already re switching you over.

Some of the key benefits of the enhanced system are below:

  • 55% less clicks than current Serko online product

  • 30% faster than Serko online – The Serko Zeno product searches for the entire itinerary (air, hotel, car) at the same time rather than searching for each part of your trip one by one. 

  • The system uses artificial intelligence to predict/suggest the best suited contact to the traveller based on their travel patterns whilst staying within company travel policy. 

  • The Serko Zeno product will continue to be developed including features such as “AskZeno” which will give users the ability to make bookings via a chat-bot making the travel booking process more seamless.

Louise Brettell